Honesty, commitment and quality



   Kansarms, once a dream is now producing AR platform firearms fully compliant with Kansas senate bill 102, The 2nd amendment protection act. Our mission is to provide a Quality custom firearm building service to Law abiding Citizens residing in the State of Kansas without ANY infringement from the Federal Government as specified in SB:102 and specified in the 2nd amendment to our Constitution.

   Throughout history, Governments around the world who have implemented gun control on their Citizens, more often exterminated political dissidents and undesirable individuals shortly thereafter.

   The Great State of Kansas has, with SB:102, added assurance that these tyrannical atrocities will not occur within the borders of Kansas. A bold move that insures our God given right to defend ourselves and family.

   All FFL dealers are required by law to retain firearm purchase records indefinitely, these records could be used for confiscation.  Not so with Kansarms, all clients will be personally assessed  to be a "non Felon"law abiding Citizen before an order is fulfilled. No retention of permanent records are required. These arms need to stay within the borders of Kansas to fall legally under SB:102.

   Please help to promote Firearm freedom and become a client, or pass this information on to those who are interested. Together we can utilize the tools provided by our lawmakers to keep Kansas free from Tyranny.


- Custom builds
- AR-10, AR-15
- 6.5 grendel
-  300 AAC blackout
-  aluminum anodizing (small parts)
-  Cerakote coatings
-  media blasting
-  Firearm repair
-  Firearm refurbishing